Tesla Model 3

I have been waiting to do this since, well I don’t know how long ago.

This is my most favourite car in the world.

This was me at Tesla Headquarters when I went to San Francisco.

The Tesla Model 3 is more affordable than the bigger brother of the Model 3, the Model S. But the similarity is that both are equally as powerful.


The Performance Pack which you can upgrade on your Model 3, includes: an additional carbon fibre rear spoiler, 20- inch wheels, bigger brakes, sits lower to the ground and also has leatherette seats.

The infotainment screen is 15 inches wide and uses Google Maps which is fast and easy to use it also chooses your route via Tesla Superchargers.


The Tesla Model 3 goes from nought to 60 in 3.6 seconds.

Thank you for your attention and my next car review will be something different.

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