2020 AUDI RS6

So as you have seen from the title, today, i’m going to write about the Audi RS6 and tell you whether this Estate still can uphold its reputation for being the fastest performance estate ever.

Starting off with what makes it so different from the normal A6 estate.

Firstly, the only body panels it shares with the standard A6 estate are the tailgate, the roof and the front doors every other body panel or part is new and different.

Secondly, the track of the car is actually 4 centimeters wider on each side than the standard A6. Hence both rear doors had to be replaced like i had mentioned in my first point.

Thirdly, The new RS6 has color coded mirrors, it comes in black, carbon or satin black.

Well that’s all for aesthetics, lets get into technical specifications!

First, it is the only A6 that you can get with a big burly V8. It is a 4 liter twin turbo producing 600 horsepower and 800 neuton meters of torque which enables it to launch from 0-60 mph in 3.6 seconds and will top out at 189 mph.

The RS6 has some new features such as automatic stop/start whenever you stop at a junction and cylinder deactivation! All this helps with fuel economy so you wont have to break the bank with fuel.

All in all, i feel that the Audi RS6 is a great car for the family guy who wants to have some fun in his life.

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